Gift Certificate

Purchase a gift certificate for your friend or family member.

Step 1: Enter any amount that you wish. We carry many different styles of diapers. We encourage families to customize their package, so prices will vary. The new parent(s) can use your gift however they choose.

See below for a general gift giving guide (if needed).

Step 2: Once the gift amount has been added to the cart, click “View Cart” (it will appear above) to continue with your transaction.

Step 3: From the cart page, click “Proceed to Checkout” to enter your information (the gift giver) and at the bottom of that page, enter the gift recipient’s information – including your special message. After your order is complete, the gift certificate will be automatically emailed to either the recipient (if you enter their email address) or you, within one hour.


Basic Gift Giving Guide

This is just a guide. It is based on the very basic prefold-style diapers, rental diaper covers, and cloth wipes. However, the gift recipient can use your gift for any products that we carry or service we offer.

Complete first month of basic service = $250 (tax is not included) – includes rental of the odor-proof, eco-diaper pail with carbon filter; rental of custom-made, moisture-proof, laundry bags; purchase of a pack of Snappi diaper fasteners; also includes either the four week rental of five diaper covers; Four week service of 70 basic prefold diapers (140 total in rotation); And four week service of 70 cloth wipes (140 total in rotation).

Rental of 70 basic prefold diapers (after first month) = $29.50 per week or $118 per month (tax is not included)

Rental of 5 diaper covers (after first month) = $5 per week or $20 per month (tax is not included)

* Rental of 70 cloth wipes (after first month) = $6.50 per week or $26 per month (tax is not included)