Design your custom diaper package in three easy steps!

Step 1: select a starter kit  >> Step 2: select diapers and wipes >>  Step 3: select extras (optional)

Placing Your Order: We do not offer online ordering. Due to the customizable and personal nature of our service, please contact us, providing all of the important information via our form.

Delivery Schedule and Hours of Operation: It is best to contact us early in the week (Monday or Tuesday, if possible) to set up an account. We deliver diapers pre-birth, as early as 37 weeks, or anytime after baby is born. We delivery and pick up diapers on Mondays only. Our normal business hours are Monday through Thursday 9am to 6pm. We are closed to the public after Thursday 6pm, to prepare for the upcoming Monday delivery. We do not reply to emails or answer the phone after Thursday 6pm, and are back online Monday morning.

step-1Starter Kits

A starter kit is required for all orders. This starter kit a one time payment for the lifetime of your service. Did you know that you could receive a discount on your starter kit by attending our demo? Learn more

Include our No Risk (30 minute) After Birth Follow-up Home Visit for $50. By no risk we mean, if you need extra cloth diapering support once your baby is born, we will come. However, if you are a cloth diapering “super star”, and don’t need our extra support, the $50 is returned to you as a service credit that can be applied to your service package or purchases.

Complete Kit
Simple Kit
Bare Bones Kit
One heavy duty re-usable diaper laundry bag (two used in rotation) – rental
One odor-proof eco diaper pail with carbon filter, made of durable recycled plastic – rental
Snappi diaper fasteners – yours to keep
Five rental diaper covers for your first four weeks (standard rental fees apply after the first four weeks)

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step-2Diapers and Wipes

Create a custom package. The contract period is a minimum of four weeks. You can mix diaper styles, diaper counts, and cloth diapering extras, any way that you wish, as long as you meet our weekly service minimum, just $25 per week!

Learn about the number of diapers you may need, package discounts, customizing packages, and changing packages.

Prefolds Fitteds Wipes
A simple square or rectangular shaped diaper that has been “pre-folded” to create absorbent layers. (Part of a two-piece cloth diapering system, needs a cover.) Easy no fold diapers with extended wings. Fitteds are contoured and have elastic around the legs and back for more leak protection. (Part of a two-piece cloth diapering system, needs a cover.) Buttery soft flannel baby wipes. Each is generously sized 8″x 9″ yet trim enough to clean all of baby’s delicate parts. Can be used dry, or wet with plain water or any homemade wipe solution.
See the prefold diaper on real babies.
See the fitted diaper on real babies.
See my DIY wipe solution recipe.
Weekly count Weekly Prefold Costs Weekly Fitted Costs Weekly Wipe Costs
10 $6.00 $7.00 $1.20
15 $9.00 $10.50 $1.80
20 $11.40 $16.50 $2.40
25 $14.00 $18.75 $3.00
30 $18.80 $20.80 $3.60
35 $20.60 $25.00 $4.20
40 $25.00 $26.60 $4.80
45 $25.50 $28.35 $5.40
50 $26.00 $31.00 $6.00
55 $26.50 $34.00 $6.60
60 $27.00 $37.00 $7.20
65 $28.10 $38.50 $7.80
70 $31.50 $41.30 $8.40
Please contact us for a price quote on counts above 70 per week or for our discounted bulk packages of 120 or more diapers per week. The discounted bulk packages are especially intended for families with multiple babies in service.

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step-3Add-ons and Extras

Rent our diaper covers while you build your purchased stash of covers. Add-on extra absorbent inserts for night time cloth diapering. Include a few eco-disposables for daycare centers that are not cloth diaper friendly.

Covers Plain Inserts Eco-disposables
The moisture-proof outer portion of the two-piece cloth diapering system.

See super stylin’ covers on real babies.

Our basic white rental covers are $5 per pack of five per week.

Three layers of thirsty microfiber terry to help cloth diapers go the distance. Best if used at night for babies 2 months or older.

Our extra absorbency inserts are $.25 per insert per week (you can rent any quantity needed).

We carry Bambo Nature eco-disposables, the only tested and certified 90% compostable, hypoallergenic, and sustainably manufactured, disposable diaper currently on the market.

Prices vary per size and quantity ordered. Contact us for more information.

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Package Discounts

  • One time 5% off the re-usable diapers when you birth with one of our partnering midwives and doulas
  • On going 5% off the re-usable diapers, for all military families (valid military ID required)
  • 12 week pre-payment discount – $15 off the entire service package when 70+ re-usable diapers rented. $10 off the entire service package when 40 to 69 re-usable diapers rented.
  • Refer-a-friend! Already a happy 2 The Root customer? Refer someone to our service. You can get one free week of service for every person you refer who signs-up with 2 The  Root. Just make sure they give us your name so that you can get the credit.
  • Discounts cannot be combined, cannot bring the weekly amount below the $25 minimum, and are not eligible in conjunction with any other promotion.

Need More Help? Contact us or Attend our cloth diaper demo

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