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Starting Service
Do you deliver to my area?
How do I sign-up for service?
How many diapers do I need?
Why do you conduct demos and are they mandatory?
What’s the starter kit and do I have to purchase it?
What makes your service different?
Do you have special bulk rental pricing?

Managing Your Service
What if my baby has a diaper rash?
Can I use disposable diapers with service?
Can I customize my diapers in service?
Can I change my package?
What should I do when I go on vacation?
What if I need to take a break from service?
How does delivery work?
Can I home launder the rental diapers?
What is your return policy?
What if I have a credit or gift certificate on file?
Will I get the same diapers each week?
Do you service waterproof shells/covers?
What happens if I forget to leave my diapers out for pick-up?
What happens when my baby goes to daycare?
What about the odor?
How do we end service?

Laundry Break Package
What is Laundry Break?
What does Laundry Break cost?
Do you launder all types diapers?
What if my diaper is damaged or lost in laundering?

Q. Do you deliver to my area?
A. Check our delivery map to find out if you live within our delivery area.

Still unsure? Call or email us and let us check your zip code against our service area database.  We are continually growing and adding locations so if you are not in our service area now lets work together. We may be able to service other families in your area to make deliveries efficient.

Q. How Do I Sign-Up for Service?
A. Email us (, call us (202) 630-6654, or register for our diaper service meet and greets or demos.

Q. How many diapers do I need?
A. The amount of diapers that you need will depend on the age and weight of the baby. If the baby is a newborn you can expect to use between 9 and 15 diapers per day.  That number decreases as the baby gets older and is more in control of her elimination. Toddlers usually soil between 6 and 8 diapers per day. The most popular number of diapers for the newborn stage is 70 diapers per week/ 140 diapers in rotation. This count allots 10 diapers a day. We have found that this seems to be a good number for many of our clients. However, if you want to ease into cloth diapers you can also start with a half-time package of 40 diapers per week (mixed and matched anyway you wish).

Q. Why do you conduct demos and are they mandatory?
A. We conduct demos (public and private) to provide you with all of the assistance and tips you many need to be successful with cloth diapers. While cloth diapering isn’t difficult, there is a slight learning curve with some of the basic styles of diapers. Our demos aren’t mandatory, but we highly recommend attending one ore more prior to starting service.

Q. What’s the starter kit and do I have to purchase it?
A. The Complete starter kit contains all of the basic essentials needed to cloth diaper using our service. It is a one time fee and includes the rental of the odor-proof eco-pail, the rental of two industrial strength custom-made laundry bags, the purchase of a 3-pack of Snappi diaper fasteners, and the rental of five our our service diaper covers for the first four weeks. All of the items in the starter kit have been tested and selected to make your cloth diapering experience successful.

If you have cloth diapered before and feel confident that you have everything that you need, you could select either the Simple kit or the Bare Bones kit. The Simple starter kit includes our extra large 15 gallon, odor-proof, eco-pail and two re-usable laundry bags. The Bare Bones kit is the only mandatory kit and includes just two moisture-proof, reusable laundry bags. Our extra large laundry bags are not like anything you will find for retail. Our laundry bags are made of an industrial strength laminate fabric, can hold 100 wet diapers/approximately 50 pounds, is sealed with a zipper, and can really take a beating as they are picked-up and dropped each week.

Q. What makes your service different from the traditional diaper service?
A. Our service differs in our diverse and earth-friendly products, method of cleaning and delivery, and our superior customer service. Learn more about what makes us unique.

Q. Do you have special bulk rental pricing?
A. Of course! We offer 10% off of our diaper package if you have a total weekly diaper count of 120 or more.

Q. What if my baby has a diaper rash?
A. Although cloth diapers may help to prevent most diaper rash due to its breathe-ability and our special rinse that helps to reduce the pH of the diaper to match baby’s sensitive skin, some rashes may still happen.  2 The Root explicitly prohibits the use of traditional diaper rash creams containing zinc oxide.  The zinc oxide will severely stain the diapers and covers and can also cause them to repel.  Please contact us if you are unsure about the cream that you use or are planning to use.  See our post on diaper rash relief.

Q. Can I use disposable diapers with your service?
A. That is a personal choice.  We try our best to provide all of the support and products necessary  for you to use cloth diaper all of the time, but we understand that there may be times when disposable diapers come in handy.

We do ask that you limit your use of disposable diapers, much like limiting the use of other plastic bags and plates. Using paper, plastic, or styrofoam products daily increases your environmental impact, not to mention wastes your hard earned money.

Q. Can I customize my diapers in service?
A. Absolutely! You can create a custom package by selecting diaper (re-usable and eco-disposables) inserts, covers, and wipes in packs of 5 from our various options. For example, you could create a package with fitted diapers, prefold diapers, eco-disposable diapers (for a non-cloth-friendly daycare) inserts (used with your re-usable diapers for dry nights), diaper covers, and cloth wipes. We only require that the cost of your custom package is no less than $25.00 per week.

Q. Can I change my order?
A. Service contracts are a minimum of four weeks. You can change diaper sizes at anytime. However, you are limited to one diaper count and style change per four week period.

Q. What should I do when I go on vacation?
A. Please notify us via our online vacation form (accessible to all active clients) to tell us when you are leaving and when you will be back so that we can schedule your pick-ups and deliveries.  We request 5 days notification if possible. If you will be gone for one or two weeks you can keep your rental pail, rental laundry bag, and all clean diapers at your home awaiting your return. If you will be gone for longer than two weeks please send in your rental pail, rental laundry bag, and all rental diapers (clean and soiled). These items will be cleaned and returned to you upon your return to service.

All soiled diapers need to be returned to us prior to leaving on vacation. You have the following options for returning soiled diapers to us. You can leave the bag of soiled diapers at your door in a secure location (if you are leaving close to your regularly scheduled delivery/pick-up day and time). You can drop off your soiled bag (contact us for location). You can make friends with a neighbor in service and have them put out your bag with theirs.

Your service contract is only extended for the number of weeks that there are no drop-offs of clean diapers. If we only pick-up dirty diapers, your service can be extended. Contact us if you would like to rent diapers for laundering on vacation, or to purchase a hybrid diapering system with the biodegradable/compostable/disposable inserts. Please be sure to return all soiled diapers prior to leaving on vacation.

Q. What if I need to take a break from service?
A. We understand that there are times that you may need to travel for extended periods or leave service but plan on returning. If you are leaving for less than three weeks and you have an active contract, you can consider it a vacation (see the FAQ above). If you will be gone for three or more weeks and have pre-paid for service, your customer account, diapers, rental pail, and laundry bags, will be held awaiting your return. If you leave service and have not pre-paid for renewal, you have four weeks from the date of your last service contract to return to service without having to re-rent your pail and laundry bags. After four weeks, without pre-payment for renewal, we welcome you back in service but you will need re-rent the pail and two laundry bags.

Q. How does delivery work?
A. We pick-up and deliver once per week on various days and times. You will be notified of your scheduled day and time range based on your address. Because we are continually adjusting our schedule for the arrival of new babies, we can’t commit to a set time slot. Therefore we ask that you leave your dirty diaper bag in a safe location on your porch, within your gate, with your doorman, or we can make arrangements to collect your building key or, if you feel comfortable, we can be privy to your building access code.

Q. Can I home launder the rental diapers?
A. No and yes. We have two diaper rental options:

  1. Traditional diaper service diaper rentals – you rent diapers from us and we launder (home laundering is prohibited). We work hard to develop a formula using additive-free, earth friendly, products that will effectively clean and sanitize all diapers. Also, it is beneficial for your baby’s bottom to be consistent with the laundering products used on their diapers.
  2. Home laundering diaper rentals – you rent diapers from us to launder at home. Contact us for more details. This is typically for families going on extended vacation and would like to take cloth diapers with them. Our home laundering rental diapers include: prefolds, fitteds, inserts, and covers.

Q. What is your return policy?
A. See our full return policy here.

Q. What if I have a credit or gift certificate on file?
A. You can use your credit or gift certificate for diaper service or to purchase in-stock cloth diapering supplies. The credit expires sixteen weeks after issuance and unused gift certificates expire six months after issuance. A valid credit card needs to be on file when using a gift certificate to start service. Even if the gift certificate covers the entire cost of your diaper service package, you must have a valid credit card on file before you can begin service, and $1 will be charged.

Q. Will I get the same diapers back each week?
A. We strive to ensure that your same diapers will be returned to you each week. In the case of a stubborn stained diaper, your stained diaper will be replaced with a different diaper in our inventory. Our fitteds, pouches, and covers are tagged and are guaranteed to be returned to you each week.

Q. Do you service waterproof shells/covers?
A. Yes, we offer diaper cover rental packages that we launder along with your diapers.   If you have another favorite brand/style of cover you can purchase those through us or one of our partnering retailers. You will need to launder and maintain the covers that you purchase on your own. If you do decide to have us launder your covers, you will incur the traditional Laundry Break fees per cover. One exclusion is wool. Although we love wool covers, we do not professionally launder them.

Q. What happens if I forget to leave my diapers out for pick-up?
A. We will still deliver your clean diapers. There are three options if you forget to put out your soiled bag.

  1. Drop off your soiled bag on our co-op family’s porch by 7pm Monday. Once you are in service you can contact us for the address.
  2. Drop off your soiled bag on our co-op family’s porch by 6pm Wednesday, and pay a $18 off schedule/ rush laundring fee. This fee goes directly to our Laundry Techs who will need to stay overtime to process late bags to be ready for Monday’s delivery.
  3. Hold onto your soiled diapers until the next scheduled pick-up. Because you would have the full rotation of diapers, there is no credit for the week. Contact us for tips to reduce bacteria growth and odor.

Q. What happens when my baby goes to Daycare?
A. We make it easy to transition from using cloth at home to using cloth in a daycare setting.  We offer packages, diaper styles, and accessories, that are daycare-friendly.  Please contact us when the time comes for your little one to enter daycare. We would be happy to supply you with what you need to cloth diaper successfully.  We can also support your daycare provider in any way that we can (via personal diaper demos or literature on the modern cloth diaper).

Q. What about the odor?
A. To combat any odor, we offer a top of the line, locking lid diaper pail. Our eco-friendly diaper pail, made from recycled plastic,  has a charcoal filter that allows for the right amount of airflow to prevent odors.  Each new customer, who selects our diaper pail (in either the Complete or Simple Kits) starts service with a new carbon filter which is effective for six months. If ever you need a new filter, simply request a filter change. The cost for the filter replacement is $6.

Truly, the best defense against odor is going to be proper disposal of solid waste.  Our flushable/biodegradable liners and diaper sprayer make handling soiled diapers manageable and hygienic.

Q. How do we end service?
A. Simply notify us via email, at least one week prior to your last pick-up, that you will be ending service. We will confirm the date of your last pick-up and discuss any purchases that you would like to make. After we receive your last batch of rental diapers, inserts, covers, and/or wipes, we will notify you of your account standing and close your account. If any of the rental items are missing, you will be subject to a replacement fee for that item (Individual replacement fees can be found on your Terms and Condition sheet provide upon starting service). The replacement cost for the missing item(s) will be charged to your credit card on file. Once any and all replacement fees are satisfied your account will be officially closed.

Q. What is Laundry Break?
A. For an additional fee, 2 The Root will launder and deliver your personal cloth diapering item(s) in rotation with the rental diapers. We call this service “Laundry Break”.

Q. Laundry Break: How much does it cost?
A. All diaper pieces are laundered at a rate of $1.00 per diaper piece, per laundering. A diaper piece consists of one separate item or component of the diaper. If you plan on send in personal items each week, we ask that you pre-pay the laundry break fee for your items. Contact us to help you calculate how much to pre-pay each month. We will notify you when it is time to add more money to your account.

Q. Laundry Break: Do you launder all types of diapers and diapering items?
A. No, we do not launder cloth wipes or traditional cotton prefolds. Sending in personal cloth wipes or cotton prefolds is not economical, since our rental fee for those items is less than our laundry break fee. Also, because we offer so many different types of diapers and items in our service, personal wipes and prefolds can sometimes be confused with our rental items during receiving and processing. If you are unsure about whether or not we will launder your diapers, contact us. We also reserve the right to refuse any diaper and diapering item that is tattered, torn or in any way damaged.

Q. Laundry Break: What if my diaper is damaged or lost in laundering?
A. Unfortunately, we do not replace, repair, or in any way credit for any personal diaper pieces that may have been damaged or lost as a result of our laundering process. Sending items in for laundering is done so at your own risk.