Why, What, and How

Why Choose Our Service?

To give baby a clean start
Many of the disposable diapers currently on the market, are made of a combination of  treated paper pulp, polyethylene (and other plastics), glues, dyes, synthetic perfumes, sodium polyacrylate (SAPs) the super absorbent polymer gel that absorbs urine, and it can also contain traces of Dioxin and TBT. All of these chemicals are not good for the baby or the environment.

Using our service and our unbleached and organic diapers is one way to give baby a clean start.

To be pampered
We offer public and private diaper demonstrations so that families can feel an try our diapers. We provide full support throughout your time with us.

To save money
We offer several service packages to suit your personal needs and budget. You can mix and match diapers (re-usable and eco-disposables) along with wipes and covers, to suit your needs. We only require that your combination reaches at least $20 per week, in order to continue weekly service.

To be more “green”
We use earth-friendly laundering products and high efficiency commercial machines that save on water and energy. We are constantly working to “green” our method of delivery and our products.

Many of our products are made of organic, recycled, or easily biodegradable materials.

To be stylish
Cloth diapers have come along way so shouldn’t your diaper service reflect the various styles and products that make cloth diapering so convenient today?

We carry and service the top diaper brands in addition to the traditional prefold diapers.

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What Makes Us Unique?

2 The Root understands that many of our customers may be new to cloth diapers and can be overwhelmed by traditional prefold only services which is why we offer different styles of diapers in our service that will truly fit your needs as a parent, baby’s unique body type, and your budget. You are not forced to purchase covers to use our service. We have a diaper cover rental package that allows you to add-on as much or as little as you need, and we launder the covers too! We think our service offers families a complete diapering system.

You are our top priority. We believe an educated consumer is the best consumer. We offer private and public cloth diaper demos to personally show you the products and demonstrate how they can be used before your order. We understand that the first few weeks with a new baby can be challenging. We are easily accessible by email or phone to answer any of your questions or to troubleshoot. It is more important to us that your cloth diapering experience be pleasant and successful than it is to make a buck.

We are committed to being environmentally friendly. Many of our diapers are made from organic fabrics.

Traditional diaper services use harsh chemicals to clean and sanitize their diapers. We use a blend of highly effective, baby-safe, fabric and environmentally-friendly, products in conjunction with our multi-step wash routine. All of our cleaning agents are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and additive-free. There are no optical brighteners and fragrances to mask our cleaning. We employ a highly effective, industrial strength sanitizer to destroy any harmful bacteria. Our sanitizing agent, while being strong enough to kill pathogens within minutes, is also safe enough to be considered a food-grade sanitizer. In addition to our products and extensive wash routine, we also harness the power of the sun’s ultra violet light, which evidence-based research indicates will also effectively kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

While our washing routine uses minimal chemistry and maximum back-to-basics human power, we find that our routine performs excellently, uses less non-renewable energy, and less water. In short, we believe our process is overall better for your baby and our earth.

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How to Start Service?

Our service is more than a convenience it is an indulgence. We support you throughout your time with us and provide everything you need to keep baby happy in cloth diapers.

Attend one of our public diaper demonstrations. Or contact us to schedule a private session.
Select and order your diaper package and length of service.
Relax at home while we deliver clean, soft, diapers to your door.

At our first visit, we will deliver your starter kit, diapers, and any additional covers or accessories ordered.

Unpack the diapers to a convenient location in your changing area.  Make sure your Snappi, prefold diapers, shells and and wipes are ready and accessible.

Line diaper pail with the reusable waterproof diaper laundry bag. This is the bag that your clean diapers will arrive in.

Diaper baby. Put soiled diapers in the lined diaper pail. Newborn babies eliminate at each feeding which could be between 10 to 15 times a day.  Older babies are more predictable in their elimination pattern and use less diapers.  Don’t be alarmed if there are some oops and uh-ohs, it take a couple of weeks to get the hang of cloth diapering your new baby.  We welcome your call or email, if you have any questions or issues.

At the end of the week, take your laundry bag, filled with dirty diapers, out of the diaper pail and zip closed.  Set your bag of dirty diapers outside of your door in a safe but accessible location.

At our second visit, we pick-up your dirties.  You will receive the exact same amount and type of diapers that you did for your first drop.  These diapers will go into your service rotation.

For example, if we drop off 70 prefold diapers during your first delivery, you will receive 70 more at your second delivery. Those 140 diapers will be rotated throughout your service contract period.

At our third and subsequent visits, we pick-up your soiled diaper bag and leave you the clean, soft diapers from the previous week’s pick-up . You can be confident that the diapers delivered are the same diapers your child has been using all along.

It’s that easy. No need for frantic trips to the grocery or convenience store. We deliver to your door.

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