Refund for Re-usable Diaper Service

There is a “no money back” policy across the board for services. 

You may receive a full monetary refund if you notify us of your desire to cancel, within 48 hours of receiving your first batch of diapers, and nothing has been used. A $40 re-stocking and special pick-up fee will be assessed.

If you are ending service and have not completed your pre-paid contract duration, you will not receive a prorated service credit for the remaining weeks of service. Any remaining weeks of service will be forfeit, or you may gift the balance of your service to another family.

There are unique circumstances, determined on a case-by-case basis, where a monetary refund may be granted these are extreme and severe situations in which a baby is no longer able wear any diapers.

Refund for Products Purchased

There is a “no money back” policy across the board for used products. We will exchange any unused items within 10 days of purchase.  There is a re-stocking fee of $.15 for each (new/unused) eco-disposable diaper returned. The product can be returned to us, in a separate bag/box, with the weekly diaper pick-up, mailed to us (customers are responsible for all associated shipping costs), or dropped off on our co-op family’s porch. 

Product defects that occur within 10 days of purchase are handled through us. We will exchange your defective item and we will pay for shipping or pick-up locally if you are one of our active diaper service customers.  Product defects occuring after 15 days of purchase are handled directly through the manufacturer.  

Product defects include: damaged or de-laminating PUL (waterproof cover), broken stitches, damaged hook and loop, damaged snaps, damaged elastic. A leaking cover may not be a product defect and may be the result of detergent build-up/residue. Here is more information from our friends at Bummis  about detergent residue.  Please contact us if you think you have detergent residue and we may be able to troubleshoot the problem.