The Mom Behind 2 The Root

I am Lisa, the mom and founder of 2 The Root, a sustainable diapering solutions company. 2 The Root started from a love affair with, of all things, cloth diapers. My cloth diapering journey began when my husband suggested that we cloth diaper our son. To be honest, I was hesitant. We decided to give it a try and I soon realized how easy cloth diapers were to use and care for. I fell head over heels in love with the financial savings, the feel of cloth, the benefits to the environment, and how cute cloth diapers made my little one’s bum look. I felt as if we had found the secret to stop our cycle of buying and trashing.

Through 2 The Root, I want to share my knowledge and excitement with you. Cloth diapering can be easy, convenient, and down-right liberating and if it isn’t, please allow us to help.

The name 2 The Root comes from my sincere belief in getting back to basics (the root) in caring for and diapering our babies.

Root Mission

2 The Root exists to increase the number of families that use re-usable cloth diapers. We serve the diapering needs of our customers in the most ecologically sustainable way.  We incorporate ecological sustainability in all aspects of our business. We carry products made from organic, recycled, or easily biodegradable materials. Most of our products are made in the US or Canada but when imported we work with fair-wage-for-labor companies. Our method of laundering and delivery are important aspects of our eco-friendly diaper service. 2 The Root is truly a company that is gentle on the earth, baby, and the wallet.

Root Values

In today’s uncertain economy, 2 The Root believes it’s more important than ever to offer superior customer service and to conduct business with honesty and integrity. We understand that every diaper may not suit the needs of every family and baby. If our product isn’t a good fit for you, please allow us to recommend another cloth diaper company or product.